Body Scrub Recipe


This is another simple one that can be easily converted to suit your needs and the needs of your kitchen. I love sugar because I like how it make my skin feel, but I also really love salt!  Salt will be slightly more abrasive and is great for tougher skin (like elbows and feet). Himalayan pink salt is a favorite of mine. Not only does this exfoliant have a beautiful pink color, but it also has a lot of mineral content that can be absorbed into your skin. Keep in mind that salt will also be slightly more drying in comparison to sugar. 

1 cup *your choice of salt or sugar

         Himalayan pink salt, cane sugar, sea salt, black Hawaiian salt 

½ cup * your choice of oil

        Some options: Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Sunflower, Fractionated Coconut Oil (fractionated is better in this case, because regular coconut oil might get clumpy), Grapeseed, Avocado

1 tbsp *Castile soap (optional) - can be nice to make the scrub feel a bit more sudsy 

~ 20 drops *essential oils (optional) 

Some combos I like: 

       rose + vanilla - relaxing

       lavender + peppermint - rejuvenating

       lemongrass + lavender - energizing 

* i also sometimes like to add some dried rose petals or lavender flowers, but keep in mind these will end up in the bottom of your shower :(


  1. Mix sufficiently in a bowl 
  2. Transfer to container (glass if using essential oils, plastic is OK if not) 
  3. Can be stored up to one year.


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