People often forget: the skin is the body’s largest organ--and one of the most extraordinary. It is our primary barrier to the outside world, insulating us from dangerous substances and the harmful effects of UV radiation. Our skin is our protection, and we must respect it.

I first started making skincare products after paying more attention to the ingredients listed on the salves, balms, and moisturizers I was using.  Just like the food we eat, the substances that we put on the skin penetrate our body and ultimately find their way into the bloodstream--you are what you eat, but you are also what you absorb. 

I was often appalled by what I would find in the ingredients list of many skincare products.  If I did not understand what an ingredient was, I would look it up--often to unsettling results. I found that skincare products contained many fillers, stabilizers, thickeners, and preservatives -- things that were not actually improving the quality of the product or contributing to its potency, just making it more marketable. The skincare industry is saturated with the dermatological equivalent of fast food and empty calories.

I decided to do my own research and pinpoint the oils, nutrients, and natural ingredients that nourish and protect the skin, and go from there. I pored through peer-reviewed journals, volumes of ethnobotanical remedies, and even took organic chemistry classes in order to identify the best substances for skin health. I’ve documented my findings in our “Potionmaker’s Ingredient Compendium” (coming soon!). 

My MIA ZIA products are made with ingredients that are purely natural. They are not altered through chemical processes. I know and understand where they come from and I don’t have to question whether they are substances that my body will reject. My products often contain ingredients that have been used for centuries. Their continued use is proof of their potency and effectiveness. 

As I learned more about the most beneficial ingredients for skincare, I began to create products that leveraged these ingredients while leaving out all the fillers. In doing so, I also started to learn about the true costs of making quality products. I found that it was very hard to find a product that contained good ingredients only and was not ridiculously expensive. This angered me, because often the ingredients were rather simple and I knew how much it must have cost the company to make the products. I began to feel as though many of these skincare companies were cheating their consumers - I could see that they were taking shortcuts and charging exorbitant prices. 

Making my own products--my personal “potions”--has been revelatory. I feel that I have “beat the system,” and have finally provided my skin with the nourishment it needs. I want everyone to feel that type of empowerment. You deserve to fully understand ALL of the ingredients of your skincare products. And you deserve to pay fair prices that do not simply serve to benefit a marketing scheme or an expensive package. 

I create honest, carefully made, carefully researched and affordable products--and you can too! I encourage you to take the leap and start your own journey toward skincare independence and empowerment. That’s why I post my recipes to our website, which provide detailed instructions on how to do your own “potionmaking” in the comfort of your own kitchen. I hope this will lead you on a path toward greater awareness, respect, and care for one of our body’s most extraordinary organs.